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Designed and produced a monthly employee newsletter for OnCommand Corporation, a provider of interactive in-room entertainment to the lodging industry. Also developed the name for the publication, Command Post.








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Using MS Word, created an attractive format for an e-book to be distributed electronically (PDF) worldwide, so the the design had to be compatible with numerous international paper sizes using standard office printers. Created two PDF versions - one larger, indexed file for users with high-speed Internet connections and a no-frills version for buyers with standard modem connections.






Firm Capabilities Brochure


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For E3 Consulting, created and produced spiral-bound document in MS Word so that it could be readily updated in-house by firm staff.







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Used advanced features of MS Word, including numbering, lists, tables, columns, cross reference, importing, master documents, table of contents, and more to create a handsome 1000+ page corporate policy and procedure manual for Corporate Express.







Colorado Core Knowledge Coordinator


Redesigned National Core Knowledge Coordinator home page
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Developed a fresh, easy-to-navigate conceptual design for the content-dense website of the National Core Knowledge Coordinator of Colorado.







Lawyers Without Borders



Created a series of contemporary buttons for a non-profit organization's website. The designs provided uniformity while graphically depicting the core of each program area. Also create HTML emails, special logo designs, and other graphic branding on request.







Race for the Cure



Created T-shirt logo for a Race for the Cure team sponsored by a law firm.







Updated May 5, 2014