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  A comprehensive report on a two-day meeting of leading neuroscientists and educators. The report included summaries of the formal presentations by leading medical researchers and educators and a tightly written summary of the wide-ranging topics covered in breakout sessions and floor discussion.

Comments from participants included, "You presented a balanced perspective..." "The report captures an important symmetry that was not always visible at the workshop." "You captured very well what transpired."



Copy edit and proofread a wide variety of continuing medical education materials including podcast transcripts, newsletters, tests, grant proposals, and interactive patient case study material in a wide variety of specialty areas such as nephrology, neonatology, leukemia, HIV, ophthalmology, and many more.





Correspondent for a national news magazine for ophthalmological surgeons. Wrote feature articles ranging from general topics, such as an update on a glaucoma prevention program and opthalmological surgery insurance coverage in Europe, to highly technical, such as reports on laser surgical techniques and sophisticated diagnostic imaging instruments, preventing infection during refractive surgery, and trends in refractive surgery.







High-Tech Training System

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Researched and wrote an eight-page brochure describing the services and technology of a sophisticated, lifelike cardiac catheterization training device and system for physicians and technicians. The company’s previous brochure, while handsomely produced, lacked punchy, persuasive copy. Researched applicable medical literature, regulations, and training standards to make sure essential concepts were incorporated into the new text, which was written in a compelling yet professional style that would appeal to an audience of hospital CEOs and cardiologists.


  Health Vizion International  
  Pharmaceutical marketing newsletter   For an international pharmaceutical advertising agency:  

Wrote a bi-weekly internal marketing newsletter for a major client to provide information for sales reps on various aspects of kidney disease and anemia.

Prepared a ghostwritten article for a peer-reviewed medical journal based on speaker's notes on the topic of dietary isoflavones in post-menopausal women.
Rewote a research paper on an aspect of chronic kidney disease for a peer-reviewed medical journal.







Journal of Clinical Ultrasound



Copy editor for the first peer-reviewed journal devoted to diagnostic ultrasound. Edited every paper and other copy for adherence to journal style as well as correct grammar, punctuation, and English usage — often
a real challenge, as many of the contributing authors were not native English speakers. Topics covered virtually every medical specialty relying on medical imaging. Also prepared annual cross-referenced index — pre-automation.








Perfect English, Ltd


For a Swedish scientific editing service, copy-edited medical manuscripts written by non-native English speaking researchers before submission to peer-reviewed journals. Service included mini-lessons on correct grammar and usage based on errors found in the manuscripts.



MediMedia, Inc


Wrote original abstracts of papers from medical journals to be published on promotional 365-day desk calendars for physicians. The abstracts could not be based on the authors' abstracts, could be no longer than 900 characters, and could have titles no more than 50-characters. The papers summarized reported on hepatitis D infections, ischemic colitis, pediatric psychosis, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, and other psychiatric, medical, and surgical issues.